Living in a 24/7 BDSM relationship myself, I wanted to merge my two passions. Film making, and BDSM. Documenting Starla and sissy has been an amazing experience. It is truly amazing to document the reality of a 24/7 femdom married couple, and I feel greatly honoured.

Housewife? I guess that is one way of describing me, but I am the most vicious housewife you will ever come across! I am Goddess Starla, a goddess starlaFemdom Bride to my sissified husband “slave.” I give new meaning to the term “ball and chain” because I make my husband literally wear one! Don’t let my sweet, little homemaker appearance fool you. I am a highly intelligent, cunning and precise woman who is always in control. I know exactly how to get what I desire and I love to see him squirm and writhe under my pain and punishment. I can’t even begin to describe how much joy and satisfaction our alternative marriage brings me. If his hands weren’t duct taped right now I am sure he would type that he is in total agreement with me.

Your Goddess and her sissyboy have never been ones to do anything traditionally. We were married in Vegas in 2006… by Elvis. This was the kitsch wedding I had always dreamed of. Glamorous, fun and exciting. We were completely self indulgent in the perfect place for us, “the city of sin. With him I had really met my match. We were both able to be our strange eccentric selves, with a flare for things both artistic and strange. I couldn’t remember laughing so much as when I was with him. We completed each other in ways I didn’t think possible, bringing out the best in each other. And I was relived to finally find someone as kinky as I was! We were even able to portray our kinky lifestyle for the ceremony in the chapel. He was hesitant, but I was able to feminize him, making him a beautiful bride as well!

My sissyboy was always so shy and hesitant to cross-dress in public. Our wedding was truly a milestone to him coming out to the world. He/she has always had a transgendered identity. It was through my guiding hand that he was first able to explore this part of himself. I gave him courage to go out in public as a woman, even though on many days I had to him to leave the house this way. his feminine, delicate and timid qualities were one of the reasons I fell in love with him. It had always pleased me to see a man in a dress, complete with finely manicured nails, elegant make-up and heels that were just as high as my own.

But after a year of being married I realized that something was missing. It was through my strength and control that he felt free to explore his cross-dressing to the world. It was the same strength in myself that I felt I needed to explore even further. I was so focused on forcing him to come to terms with his feminine side that I wasn’t fully paying attention to my own desires. I had come to a definite realization about what I truly wanted, and I was afraid for what he would think of me. Not telling him my desires made me feel trapped and unfulfilled. But after sharing so much with him, I knew I had to tell him…. I was a sadist.

Now I am not talking about someone who uses the occasional paddle brush to lightly spank her lover, I am talking about a true enthusiast of pain. Willing and consensual pain. I had fantasized about hurting him since I had first met him. I craved to have him give me the power and trust of letting me hurt him at my will. I wanted him to reach a newer sexual level with me. I wanted to truly get off on his surrender to me, to be aroused by his intense suffering.

Much to my surprise, he was very intrigued, but also naturally afraid of the idea. But he would do it out of love. That is when he proposed to me to be married for a second time, as masochist and sadist. He agreed to be the truest sex slave humanly possible, giving me his body to play with, his mind to fuck with, his dignity to destroy, and of course, his cock.

The documentation of takes you through the first few months of our new commitment to each other. A lot has changed! I might still be a bit of a homebody, but now it is because I have so much fun playing with him in the comfort of our own home. It is truly addictive to see how much he loves it, feeding my imagination for all the terrible things I can do to him. I am so proud of him and his training. He is the sweetest soul I have ever known, and for that I am truly thankful.

He can’t come and do a little write up about himself because he is being punished at the moment. He knows he has been bad. I know I speak for him when I say that he deserves to be locked in his cage right now. He didn’t take the garbage out like he knows he is supposed to!

Now, before you can continue viewing Femdom Bride, you must obey and worship me just as he does. Get down on your knees and learn some fucking manners. You must address me as Goddess. You will be thanking your Goddess later for playing with your pathetic small excuse for a dick. You can interact with us and know how it feels to be humiliated just as he does. If you are to come into my house, you will play by my rules. My husband knows his place, and you can learn a thing or two from him. If you watch closely and pay attention you might just learn how to be useful, pleasing a superior woman such as myself.

We look forward to having you stay with us. We open our hearts and our home to you as we get to know you and develop a BDSM community. We are pleased to share our love and lifestyle with you! See you in the tease and denial webcam sessions!! ...Click Here to Join Now!


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